The Next Level 101

Trying to reach the next level in your real estate career?

You’ve heard it a million times before… “sphere of influence,” but what does that really mean? Your sphere is everyone you know, which includes not only friends, family and past clients, but also vendors, contractors, hair dressers, nail techs, co-workers, professional peers, friends of friends, teachers, preachers, etc. I think you get what I mean….. EVERYONE you know is your sphere of influence.

How do I harness the power of my sphere?

You harness the power of your sphere by staying in touch in a meaningful way. I mean staying in touch in a way that is appropriate for that person.

How can I stay on top of keeping in touch?

I have found a program online that will help you keep information about your sphere, remind you to reach out and will even automate some of the staying in touch process. To sign up for a free 30 day demo, visit

This program is awesome and to make it even more awesome, I’ve written up some set up steps to help you get going. You can download them below or email me at [email protected] and I will put you on email series that will give you weekly tips to help you maximize the potential of this program to help you reach the next level in your real estate business. Many of our agents are using it. Our team averaged over $100K in income in 2014 and we are sure this is going to help us double that average for 2015.

Here are the Contactually starter check lists our team is currently using.

Step 1 – Creating buckets
Step 2 – Setting reminder times for buckets
Step 3 – Internet lead tracking
Step 4 – Settings
Step 5 – Custom fields
Step 6 – Creating your first program
Step 7 – Bucketing
Step 8 – Adding, importing and exporting
Step 9 – Creating internet lead program
Step 10 – Creating pinty program
Step 11 – Creating a pipeline

Check back here often.

Check this page again in the future because I will be adding other products which are helping our team reach the next level. Along with links to the products, I will provide tips and directions like I am doing with Contactually now.