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Our office only uses FAR/BAR forms, when available. We do NOT use Broward Board forms or Miami Board forms or any other forms, even though they may be in your forms software, nor FAR only forms when FAR/BAR are available. Our office uses Form Simplicity as our official forms software. In Form Simplicity, you will find all the FAR/BAR forms sorted into “Packages” under the “Packages” icon and tab. In the packages, these forms are already pre-filled with defaults and clauses our office recommends you use. In addition, our proprietary office forms, which are below, are also included in the appropriate packages. There is even a package with office logos in Form Simplicity. If you choose to use another form software, it is your responsibility to go into Form Simplicity and review each form in our packages, so you are aware of our defaults and special clauses. If you use another form software, it is your responsibility to upload our proprietary office forms and keep them up to date. To make this easier, our proprietary office forms are below. You can log into Form Simplicity using the link in your MLS dashboard or directly through their website using your FAR member number.

Florida Realtor/Florida BAR (FAR/BAR) Forms

FAR/BAR forms are created by the Florida Realtors Association with the help of the Florida Bar Association of attorneys. Unfortunately, we are not allowed to post those forms here, but if you need a copy of a form, please call our office at (561) 322-3330 or email us at [email protected]. We would be happy to provide you with the forms you need and even happier to assist you in filling them out.

RE/MAX Complete Solutions Proprietary Forms

Affiliated Business Arrangement (ABA) – This form is MANDATORY for all buyers and sellers you represent.

Additional Property Information (Long) – This form is to help you gather information you need at a listing presentation so when you get back to your computer to load the listing, you have what you need.

Additional Property Information (Short) – This form is a shorter version of the form above.

Buyer’s Disclosure – This form is MANDATORY for all buyers you represent.

Cancellation of Lease – This form is used when the parties wish to cancel a lease agreement when the contract to lease or lease agreement has been fully-executed but the move-in and disbursement has not yet occurred.

Cancer Cluster – This form is used when preparing contracts in The Acreage to disclose the possibility of a “cancer cluster” as has been rumored by the media.

Change of Status – This form is an additional simpler version of the FAR Modification of Listing form. Either form can be used when the status of a listing changes (price change, temporarily of market, etc.), but one form or the other is MANDATORY.

Client Tracking Sheet – This form is for to keep a record of client conversations in a file or prospecting conversations in a binder.

Closing Disclosure Figures – This form is used to inform the a closing agent about fees you know need to be added to the Closing Disclosure.

Escrow Disbursement Form – This form is MANDATORY when you represent a landlord and we have escrow to disburse on the transaction. It is not needed if we only receive our commission and nothing else.

Escrow Transfer – This form is MANDATORY if we are transferring escrow from our account to another escrow agent or closing agent more than 1 business day prior to closing.

Fax Cover Sheet – This form is for you to use to send faxes from your home or office.

First Trust Quick Application – This form is a quick application for our preferred vendor, First Trust Mortgage Corp.

Insurance – This is sometimes requested with applications to be an REO or relocation agent.

Licenses (Brokerage License and Broker’s License) – These are sometimes requested with applications to be an REO or relocation agent.

Listing Feeds – This form is great for listing presentations. It show many of the places our listings are syndicated to or shown on the internet. A listing should appear on 90% of these sites, as the list is constantly changing with new sites being added as old sites are being deleted.

New Listing Cheat Sheet – This form is to help you launch a new listing properly so you don’t miss any steps.

Offer Details Sheet – This form is to help you obtain all the information you need from a buyer in order to write up an offer without missing anything important.

Open House Sign-in Sheet – This form is great for collecting information from visitors at an open house.

Owner’s Property Disclosure (Short) – This form is a shorter version of the FAR Property Disclosure form to disclose material facts that would affect the sale of the property. Either form can be used when you list a property, but one or the other is MANDATORY.

Property Repairs and Damage – This form itemizes damage and repairs in a room by room manner. It was designed by the Distressed Property Institute to be used with short sales, but is here if you have other uses for it.

Receipt of HOA Documents – This form is to verify delivery of HOA documents.

Referral Form – This form is for making agent to agent referrals within the RE/MAX system, although you can also do this within Mainstreet on

Rental Inspection – This form is for walk-throughs before rental move-ins.

Rental Invoice – This form is for collecting a finder’s fee from a rental complex when you send them a tenant.

Rental Application – This form is for when a landlord demands you provide an application from your prospective tenant.

Sellers Net Estimate – This form is used to calculate what the seller will net at closing after all expenses and outstanding mortgages are paid.

Short Sale Document Check List – This form is to help sellers short selling assemble all the documents the will need to complete the process.

Walk-through Inspection – This form is for  your buyers to acknowledge they have done or declined a walk-through inspection prior to close.

W-9 – This form is often requested with applications and sometimes prior to rental disbursements from other brokerages and rental complexes.

Wiring Instructions – This form contains the information needed for you buyer to send a wire into our escrow account.

Need Help?

If you need help with these forms or any of the FAR/BAR forms, please call the office at (561) 322-3330 or email us at [email protected]. We are here to help you!