Deerfield Beach Floor Schedule

Floor shifts are optional. If you want to have floor shifts, please let us know so we can notify you when we are making the next floor schedule. We schedule floor shifts one month at a time. Floor leads are real people you meet face to face, not mere internet leads. You WILL continue to receive office leads and leads even if you do not opt to do floor shifts in Deerfield Beach.

The option of having floor shifts at our Deerfield Beach office is a PRIVILEGE. We expect you to clean up after yourself, take any food garbage home with you and treat our office like you would treat your own home. We do not require you to answer the phones or book showing appointments like floor agents do at other real estate offices, but we DO expect you to be courteous, polite and HELPFUL to ANYONE that wanders in during your shift. We also expect you to do one small task per shift to help keep the office looking good and running smooth. Each task can be completed in less than 10 minutes. The tasks are posted on the schedule above. When you click on a shift it will expand and give you the task as well as detailed instructions on what is expected of you and where to find the tools you will need to complete the task.

To open the office: Turn off the alarm. The lights, music and ac will come on by themselves.. To close the office: Turn on the alarm. The lights, music and ac will turn off by themselves. The office is wireless. Enjoy it.

Whenever you get a walk-in, please email us a brief description of the lead so we can track the benefits of the Deerfield Beach floor. Just tell us a little about the people and what they are looking for. In addition, when you close a lead that came from floor, please let us know. We are starting to track all of this information on the calendar above so we can see how productive floor is. Thank you for your assistance with this.

Doing floor is a great way to pick up extra leads. Deerfield floor can be really profitable for you, so take advantage of it. To make it easier for you to trade floor shifts, we have put an “F” next to the name of each floor agent on the office roster, which also has everyone’s phone number and email address on it. If you want to pick up an open shift or if you are trading shifts, please email [email protected] so we can update the schedule above. Thank you.